Operatic Folklore


operatic folklore … ish

Operatic voice in a babelesque language, a haunting and resonnant Violin with a european folk like twist and a driving accordion that haunts describe the sound of this group. Initially Jacques Mindreau’s solo music project, Beautiful Wild Animals started in November of 2010 with the recording of a self titled EP written and performed by Jacques and produced by Ravi Persaud.   Jacques took the project for an eastern Canada tour the following month as an experiment.  The result became a new journey that is growing into a mature sound.

Beautiful Wild Animals came from imagining the feeling one gets of animals in their wild nature. Their wild ways are innocent and can inspire us to be simpler.  Imagining them roaming in the wild endlessly, we once again experience the stars and hear the sounds that we the not so wild have forgotten.   The Music is striving to tap into the unbiased way an animal observes its environment,  free of preconceptions. 

In the spring after the beginning of a Hiatus with Krasnogorsk (another band Jacques was very invested in) Many collaborations ensued with other musicians.  Beautiful Wild Animals was conducive to many incarnations but remained solo until the end of April 2011.  Carly Martin, who was integral in the band joined in to musically provide harmonies and chords and a driving rhythm to the sound, as well as more haunting melodies and songs.  Many have joined for periods of time and the group has had incarnations that included some gypsy jazz guitar, additional accordion and cajon, as well as the incredibly talented Julia Feltham on Cello, and even some unforgettable sounds by Nathan M. Godfrey. The band played at the 2011 “Komasket Music Festival”.  The following summer they played at several festivals in the east and the Maritimes, these include; “Folkfest on the Canal” in Montreal, “Dooryard Arts Festival” NB, “Follyfest” NB, “Evolve” NS, and “White Rabbit Arts Festival” This past summer Beautiful Wild Animals was joined by Ian Griffiths (from “The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra”) who will be playing accordion this fall with Jacques on Violin at the reputed Deep roots folk Festival.

Beautiful Wild Animals owes much to its sister band which draws inspiration from a similar well spring “Krasnogorsk” which Jacques heavily collaborates with Corey Allan Hinchey who co-founded that band.  They also played all over the country and at several festivals and on Via Rail.

Beautiful Wild Animals continues this coming Fall 2013.

Musician Bios:

Jacques Mindreau:

(violin, guitar, voice)

Started playing violin at age 5, he continued with lessons until he was 19. He has played for the MYO Orchestra, and the Port Credit Chamber Strings Ensemble. He also started the Strings Attached Musical Ensemble, his first string quartet in 2000.  He later was in many bands such as:  Ten Thousand Creatures, Key Witness, Les Bleu Pelouse, Crowdis Bridge, the Grass Mountain Hobos (who officially opened the 2009 Canada Games), the Freckled Arm and many more. He has also played for countless solo artists, and collaborated with many groups including Coco Love Alcorn, The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra, the Moonshine Ramblers, Neema, Ben Caplan, and many more…He now tours with The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra

Mindreau has performed at the opening ceremonies for the 2009 Canada Games, opened for Buffy Saint Marie, and played at the Atlantic Jazz fest with Krasnogorsk alongside Gypsophilia

He started singing in 2008 with Ten Thousand Creatures and Krasnogorsk. Singing a phonetic made up vocalization of sorts. A language that is for the sake of its emotional effect and sonic passion.  The operatic style and singing all together is something that naturally happened during a performance with Krasnogorsk in Halifax a few years ago. Since then this kind of singing has been an important part of the music, and is now intrinsic. 

Ian Griffiths: (Accordion/Vocals)

Ian has played accordion for several years and is a founding member of  “The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra”  based out of western Canada.  He has studied flamenco guitar in Granada, Spain, and has toured in Europe as well as North America.  He is a composer as well as a singer songwriter. He brings a new driving force to Beautiful Wild Animals and will be travelling across Canada to play in the Maritimes at the Deep Roots Folk Festival this fall.  His touch on the accordion is truly transporting, adding new sounds and compositions to the project.  Ian has also played accordion in a project called Amusette with Rachel Cardiello.  He started playing with Jacques in October 2012, and together they have played through western Canada at festivals this past summer such as the “Tiny Lights Festival” in Ymir, BC and “Quadrapalooza” on Quadra Island.

Ian will manifest the seamingly impossible and let your ears enjoy it.

Carly Martin:


Started playing the accordion very recently with an innate ability and quick progression, she has come from a musical background, having played piano since age 8, her mother Janelle who also plays the piano as does her sister Breanne and her grandfather Pierce who may likely be responsible for this gene pool of talent played the Violin himself as well as the accordion, guitar and piano.  Carly who is also a visual artist who has created all the art work for beautiful wild animals.  Having been mostly an artist who likes to remain private and not in the spotlight, this project marks a departure from the private to the public eye. Having already received much acclaim for her music and compositions to the group.  Carly has still continued to have a strong interest in the other areas of the arts including painting and fine crafts. Her spontaneous creative energy gives Beautiful Wild Animals an invaluable and uniquely beautiful sound she occasionally continues to play but is focusing on other projects this fall.

Devin Ryan

(standup Bass)

the talented Devin  joined the group last summer to play some amazing maritime shows, including Evolve, Follyfest and a night in Halifax with the Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra. His bio is coming soon…